About Italianieuropei

Italianieuropei is a Foundation established in 1998 with the aim of promoting a Europe-minded political culture and of bringing to the fore new leaders in the various public arenas: politics, business, public administration and culture.

It is a think tank designed to promote discussions, within public opinion, on the main issues posed by political and economic innovation and on the steps Italy must take in order to redefine its political and cultural foundations.

It is a research institution that promotes studies and explorations that are to fuel the production of ideas that can meet the challenges posed by the new century.

It is a training institution that attracts thinkers and experts to contribute to the competitive promotion of new leaders in politics and in the economic arena.

It is a forum where the various cultural traditions of Italian reformism can come together and through cross-fertilization can contribute to shaping political life by suggesting governance solutions that are best suited to the new worldwide scenario which is being pervaded by powerful streams of innovation in which Italy is always an active player.

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Le elezioni per il rinnovo del Parlamento europeo si avvicinano a grandi passi e già si possono individuare, oltre agli schieramenti politici che si confronteranno, i temi che saranno al centro della campagna elettorale. | Leggi tutto

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