Germany’s Energy Turnaround - A Collective Effort for the Future

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For Germany to have a safe energy supply in the future, society, the business world and politics must act together, with far-reaching consequences in terms of content, finances and timing.

The Energy Turnaround must be organised as a collective effort for the future, such that energy can be supplied safely, in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable way, and at a competitive price. Industry, the crafts and the service sector together form the basis for employment in Germany, and ensure the prosperity of present and future generations. The transition to an age of rigorous improvements in energy efficiency and the use of renewables will make demands on the entire society. It calls for – and allows – the participation, the conviction and the decisions of a great many people in parliaments and governments, in cities and local communities, at universities and schools, in companies and institutions. It offers enormous opportunities for people whose choice of training and profession will form the basis of their future employment and prosperity, for cohesion within society, but also for companies, their competitiveness and innovation. Most of all, the discussion within society about phasing out nuclear power offers the chance of dispelling that harmful atmosphere which has befallen our society as a result of the argument over nuclear power.

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