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The magazine about renewable energy

Written by Redazione Monday, 13 September 2010 15:17 Print

For those who still wonder if renewable energy could be a feasible alternative to fossil fuels, it would be the case to leave out two essential elements which are an important part of the national energy policy, namely: the existence of a European bond which requires a production from renewable sources of 20% (17% for Italy) of the final energy consumption within 2020, and besides this, with regards to new plants for the electricity generation, renewable energies have already exceeded fossil power plants.

A change in the energy mix, which sees an ever more increasing share of clean energy at the expense of fossil fuels with high environmental impact, is more than just a case at school, it is a valid possibility. It stays necessary, however, to keep reflecting on what the most rational, efficient and economical ways are, while respecting the environment and territory, in order to reach the goal. And that is exactly what we want to show with this magazine.