Massimo D'Alema, Il mondo nuovo

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Massimo D’Alema

Il mondo nuovo

Riflessioni per il Partito Democratico 


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Il mondo nuovo In this book, which is a collection of the most significant speeches and essays written by Massimo D'Alema in the last three years, the author offers some ideas to evaluate the extraordinary changes that are taking place in the international scenario, characterized by the deep international financial, economic and social crisis, the decline of neocons since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the US. D'Alema proposes to start from his reflection on the new world which is emerging, on the role that Europe and Italy will play, on the causes of the crisis of the wild global capitalism - a crisis that is political and cultural, and not only economic - in order to define the strategy, the values and the goals of the Democratic Party. The crisis, and the answers to it, represent a decisive challenge for democrats and reformists, but they also offer the chance for a huge change, the opportunity to introduce radical reforms that, in a country like Italy - which seems to be blocked, unable to grow at the same speed of the other European countries, to release and use all its potential and resources -, are more important than ever. The prospect for a big transformation, the project to reform Italy, which is to be built with the ideas of democracy, equality and innovation, can be useful to speak to the new generations. And it will give the project of the Democratic Party a wider range. This book aims at giving the PD an intellectual contribution, reflecting on the nature and limits of Italian bipolarism, on the need to develop a vision for Italy's democratic evolution, which shall offer a real alternative to our country's simplistic, plebiscitary and personalistic political confrontation.

Massimo D’Alema is the chairman of the Fondazione Italianieuropei. From 1998 to 2000 he was President of the Italian Council of Ministers, and from 2006 to 2008 Minister of Foreign Affairs. Among his most recent publications: Oltre la paura (2002), La politica ai tempi della globalizzazione (2003), A Mosca l’ultima volta (2004).

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