Next Europe, next wave of emancipation

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Would you say that it is true that everyone is equal, but one part of society (namely men) is more equal than the other part (women)? Should women earn less, as they are dominant in the reproductive economic sector? Why should we have more highly educated women than men in Europe, if in the end, they tend not to choose a profession in the productive, income-generating sector? Shouldn’t they just stay at home? Do you agree that if there were more women political leaders in the world, there would be less armed conflicts? Can men be feminists? In the case of violence against women, what has the length of a skirt to do with the interpretation of the word “no”? Topics which are questionable, but by no means rare.

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies has launched an online debate to discuss women's empowerment in Europe using the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day (March 8, 2011). The results emerging from the debate, along with contributions from experts in the field, will be published at the end of February 2011 in the document “Ten observations on gender emancipation”, which will be presented at the conference "Next Europe next wave of emancipation" (end of February 2011).

We invite those who are interested to join the debate online at the website of the FEPS or visit the dedicated page on Facebook. For more information download the invitation of the FEPS.

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